What to Expect from a Pet Dog Trainer School at Highland Canine

What to Expect from a Pet Dog Trainer School at Highland Canine

Dog Trainer School – Canine Training and Behavior Modification

At Highland Canine Training, LLC we provide top notch training experiences that will help you and your business for a lifetime of achievements. We have trainers who come from many different backgrounds that shape a diverse group of individuals into a solid and successful team.  Our trainers and guest instructors have life experiences in Law Enforcement, military, small businesses entrepreneurship, corporate America, civil service, education, social work, professional dog breeding, as well as volunteer work for Seeing Eye and guide dogs, and rescue groups.  At Highland Canine we don’t feel like just being able to train a dog is the key to being a quality dog trainer. We believe a person must have the courage to pursue their goals and dig deep to succeed. They understand family situations, characteristics of people, how to give back to society, and, most importantly, they have empathy for personal situations.  To be a truly successful dog trainer, you must understand how to teach people of all ages and personalities. It is very important to truly have a passion for dog training before you leap toward a career!

Dog Trainer SchoolOur trainer school here at Highland Canine Training is one of the more difficult dog training schools in the US.  Our dog trainer school utilizes lectures, homework and weekly tests/exams, outside reading, group projects with other students, and practical/hands-on training, attending and instructing group classes, as well as private lessons.  Attendance and participation in class is a big part of your grade, and you will witness the day-to-day challenges of running your own business during your school day as our business keeps moving regardless of what is going on! We discuss, in great detail, our business model and which direction you would like to go with your business model once you complete our dog trainer school.  We can talk about what has worked for our team and some of our dog trainer friends, and more importantly what has not worked for us or other business models.

Our trainer school is offered in 6-week, 8-week, and 12-week courses. The 6-week course is much faster paced and designed for those who have already had substantial experience handling different dogs in the past. The 12-week dog trainer school provides the student with strong foundational skills and a significant amount of hands-on experience with a variety of dogs. At Highland Canine Training, we work with many local rescue groups and shelters that have dogs with a variety of behavior and training issues. We host dogs from these organizations for our students to train, so they can learn from experience and provide an end product that result in the dogs finding a loving, forever home.  It truly is a win, win for everyone.  We have occasionally had students in the past that simply want to attend the lectures and never touch other dogs besides their own. We do not recommend our course for students who are only interested in training their own dogs.  We have training programs that would be more beneficial for the dogs and the owners.  Students get the most out of our course if they experience working with as many dogs of different breeds and sizes, and behaviors.

Our students are not required to clean kennels as we have full-time kennel staff that comes through in morning and evening shifts.  However, you will be required to clean up after yourself in our living quarters and clean up random messes that you may see during the day and, of course, report any dog that you may see or work with that is not be feeling well. We have a classroom dedicated to lectures, movies, discussions, projects, and working on any homework during down time. The majority of our training is outside in all temperatures and precipitation so dress accordingly!

At Highland Canine Training we have hosted many international students who attend our dog trainer school. The majority of these students come on a visitor visa, as our Embassy will not grant a 4-year student visa for a 3-month school.  Many of our students who graduate go on to open their own business or move up in the business where they currently work. Occasionally a few students come through who are the whole package, in our opinion, and have joined our Highland Canine Training team after graduation.  There are many different avenues of dog training that are growing and changing every day. The dog trainers at Highland Canine Training want to help you achieve your goals any way we can.  Remember you will always get out of it what you put in!

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  2. What are the hours and days for a basic training course? Do the students have to stay at the facility or is commuting possible?
    • admin
      Hi Sharon, Our school hours generally run Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. We have on-site student housing available for students from out of state or abroad, but we welcome commuters from the local area. Please contact us at training@highlandcanine.com if you have any further questions!

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