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Have you ever thought about becoming a professional dog trainer? Do you want the satisfaction of helping others with their pet problems, coupled with the opportunity for a career in an ever-growing industry?

For over a decade, the School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC has seen hundreds of students from all over the world successfully graduate our educational courses. Our dog trainer academy provides a range of programs, including:

● Master Dog Trainer Program
● Service Dog Trainer Program
● Dog Obedience & Behavior Professional Program
● Search and Rescue Dog Trainer Program

All our programs are available with low interest financing and are VA approved. Interested? Not sure where to start? Fill in the form below and contact us for more
information – or learn more by reading our five-step student journey to become a dog trainer.


become a professional dog trainer

You’re thinking about becoming a professional dog trainer, or perhaps you’ve already decided to become one (congratulations!). Working with animals is extremely rewarding, and the pet industry has almost doubled in size since 2005. In such a competitive  environment, you’ll need to give yourself every advantage over your fellow dog trainers.

Completing an educational course in dog training is a surefire way to get legitimacy. The School for Dog Trainers is the perfect learning space, situated in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, with spacious grounds covering 70+ acres.

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enroll to become a dog trainer

As a professional dog trainer, you may decide that you want to specialize in a specific training discipline. You could choose to embark on a search and rescue dog training
program, or your focus may be on service dogs or police K9s.

At the School for Dog Trainers, a comprehensive range of courses are on offer. The popular Master Dog Trainer program covers all aspects of dog training and is perfect for anyone looking to jump-start their dog training career. For those who want to specialize, courses such as the Search and Rescue Dog Trainer program, the Service Dog Trainer program and the Police K9 Instructor/Trainer program offer unrivaled learning experiences.

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study to become a dog trainer

You’ve done your research and chosen your program. When you show up for the first day at the School for Dog Trainers, the fun – and the hard work – begins.

Students attending the school split their time between classroom studies focused on canine behavior, and hands-on training with a wide variety of dogs. Guided by a team of expert professionals, you’ll become immersed in  informative lectures and exciting hands-on experiences which are unmatched in the industry.

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dog trainer school certification

Throughout your time at the School for Dog Trainers, your progress will be regularly assessed by our team. You’ll receive help, support and guidance from qualified instructors – ensuring you have a solid foundation for your career as a pet professional.

Upon completion of your course, you’ll participate in a graduation ceremony with your fellow classmates. Enrolling in the school’s Student Excellence program also offers further development opportunities outside of the standard curriculum.

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successful dog trainers

Once you’ve graduated from your program, you’ll be set to start your career as a dog trainer! Over 90% of graduates are now working in the industry, and even when your program finishes, the help you’ll receive from the School for Dog Trainers won’t end.

As an alumni of the School of Dog Trainers, you’ll have exclusive access to a range of resources and information to help you achieve success as a professional dog trainer. You’ll receive equipment  recommendations, product discounts and business guidance.

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