Dog Trainer Student Discount

Dog Trainer Student Discount

Want to become a dog trainer student and receive $500 USD off your course at our School for Dog Trainers?

For a limited time, we will be offering a $500 discount off any of our courses for any dog trainer student who attends our school from a country where we have not previously had a dog trainer student.  This offer is only available for the first person to sign-up and attend from their respective country or territory.

Our School for Dog Trainers offers courses that are designed to teach you all of the skills that you will need to be a professional dog trainer.  We offer a variety of programs including:

  • Canine Training and Behavior Modification Professionals Course
  • Master Trainer Program
  • Service Dog Trainer Course
  • Police K9 Instructor / Trainer Course
  • Protection Dog Trainer Course
  • Detection Dog Trainer Course
  • Search and Rescue Dog Trainers Course

Our courses are as short as six weeks and as long as 24, depending on the course you are attending.  Many of our dog trainer students go on the begin their own successful dog training business.

Countries and Territories where we’ve had attendees in the past include: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Wales, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Ireland.

The map below displays the countries where we have had students attend from in the past.

Our School for Dog Trainers welcomes dog trainer students from around the world to attend our courses in the United States.  Our staff is available to assist you with the entire process, from selecting the right course(s) for you to assisting you with any visa processes that may be required.  We strive to provide the best education and learning environment for every student, regardless of their country of origin or language.

If you are interested in any of our courses or have questions about our programs, feel free to call us at +1.704.928.7439 or email us at

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