School for Dog Trainers Accepts GI Bill and VA Benefits

School for Dog Trainers Accepts GI Bill and VA Benefits

Our School for Dog Trainers Welcomes Veterans Wanting to Become Professional Dog Trainers

The School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC is one of the few hands-on canine education centers in the Southeast that is approved to accept GI Bill and VA benefits through the US Veterans Affairs.  We have several programs that are eligible for VA benefits that can be used by prior military and their families.  Our programs that are eligible are great courses for those who are wishing to become professional dog trainers as a full time career.

Our programs that are approved for VA benefits are our 12-week Police K9 Instructor / Trainer Program, our 18 -week Service Dog Trainer Program and our 24-week Master Dog Trainer Program.

Police K9 Instructor / Trainer Program

We accept GI Bill for our Police K9 Trainer CourseOur Police K9 Instructor Program is a great course for those wishing to learn more about training police dogs for all aspects of Police K9 work.  This course focuses on teaching detection, protection and patrol techniques as well as trailing and on-off leash obedience.  This course is taught by current and former Police K9 handlers and Police K9 supervisors so that you receive valuable and relative instruction and hands-on experience.  Instruction will also focus on real-life, scenario based Police K9 training and our students are frequently involved with Police K9 handler courses, seminars and ongoing in-service training. Our Police K9 Instructor program teaches you everything you need to know from selection to developing a variety of police dogs that are ready for the street.

Service Dog Trainer Program

service dog trainer course for GI BillOur Service Dog Trainer Program is the perfect option for those looking to train a variety of service dogs to assist individuals who are affected by disabilities.  During this course, you will learn everything from testing and selecting the right dog for service work as well as how to properly train dogs for mobility, hearing, seizure and autism service dog work.  You will learn how to train dogs to pull wheelchairs, turn on lights, open doors and to trail lost or missing children that have eloped.  This course also teaches you how to work with clients with disabilities and offers you ample hands-on experience working with a wide variety of service dogs that are in varying stages of training.  Students in our Service Dog Trainer Course often have the option to attend service dog deliveries as well as interact with existing service dogs and clients that we are working with.

Master Dog Trainer Program

Asttend our master dog trainer course using your gi billOur Master Dog Trainer Program is a 24-week program that is the best option for those wishing to enter the dog training industry with the most knowledge and experience available. This course combines all of our courses into one program to give you all the experience that you need.  This course immerses you in the dog training industry and provides you with ample hands-on instruction and experience with a variety of dogs from police and service dogs to search and rescue dogs.  This course also includes our Canine Training and Behavior Modification Professional Course which teaches all the fundamentals of teaching various levels of obedience as well as behavior analysis and effectively working with problematic dog behaviors.  This program emphasizes the skills and hands-on techniques to prepare you for your career as a professional dog trainer.

Using Your GI Bill and VA Benefits to Attend Our Dog Trainer School

Using your GI Bill and VA benefits to attend our School for Dog Trainers is a quick and simple process.  To get started we will need a completed Student Application and a copy of your current Certificate of Eligibility. Once we have received your paperwork and you have decided on which program and semester that you wish to attend, we can process your paperwork for you through the VA.  If you have any questions regarding using GI Bill or VA benefits or if you have questions about any of our eligible programs, feel free to contact us at or at 800.726.7412

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