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We want our Alumni to succeed in their dog training careers.  Therefore, we strive to offer a variety of resources for alumni of our School for Dog Trainers to help make their dog training businesses more effective.

Below, you will find job listings, as they are available, for graduates seeking employment.  We have also compiled a number of documents, forms and lessons for graduates to use as a template in their own businesses.  In addition, we  have equipment recommendations and discounts for graduates to use and sell to their customers.

Based on a number of requests from former graduates, we will also be publishing some of our pertinent research and development findings in this alumni section as well.

We will also list pertinent training events as well as continued education and professional development opportunities that may interest our graduates.

If you have ideas of suggestions about other resources that we may add that would be beneficial to our alumni, please email us.


We offer job listing for Alumni when they become available.  If you are interested in hiring alumni of our programs, please feel free to submit job listings by email.


dog training business forms

Documents, lessons and forms are frequently requested by our graduates.  We have compiled a variety of these documents for download to assist graduates in their business.


canine research

Highland Canine Training, LLC is committed to conducting useful canine research and development projects.  Often, our students have an opportunity to assist in these projects.