What Happens To Our Graduates After They Finish Their Studies?

At the School for Dog Trainers, we’ve welcomed aspiring dog trainers from across the United States and around the globe. Students from over thirty countries have attended our programs.

In such a fiercely competitive industry, any advantage is going to work in your favor. Education and knowledge in any field gives you the power to succeed. We are proud that the vast majority of our graduates (94%) go on to be employed as professional dog trainers or start their own business.

Once our students graduate from the School for Dog Trainers, their learning and education doesn’t end. Even when they have returned home, our graduates have continued access to our team of experts. They can ask for guidance – whether directly related to dog training, or broader questions relating to developing and growing their career or business. This support network helps our graduates thrive, even after they’ve received their certification.

The Graduate Showcase Series

Our Graduate Showcase series aims to highlight the impressive work some of our graduates have gone on to achieve in this industry. 

Our graduates have blazed their own trail. Regardless of their dog training specialism, their background, their prior experience, or their location, each of these graduates have demonstrated they possess the drive, determination and expertise to start their own business.

These interviews offer an insight into their respective journeys. You’ll learn how the knowledge they gained at the School for Dog Trainers helped them to succeed when they decided to form their own dog training business.

We are proud to have helped these individuals on their career path, and wish them every continued success!