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Student Awards for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement

The School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training strives to recognize the hard work and achievements of our graduating classes.  As such, we have a number of programs and awards that are bestowed to students upon graduation to recognize their accomplishments during their program.

Student Excellence Program

student excellence award

Our Student Excellence Program is designed to challenge students in our Master Dog Trainer Program and recognize their desire to participate in professional development opportunities that go above and beyond the standard curriculum. Recipients of our Student Excellence Award demonstrate a number of qualities throughout the program to include:

Staying on task
Assisting in setting up/breaking down activities
Maintaining a positive attitude
Is timely and prepared for class
Communicates well with staff and other classmates

In addition to consistently demonstrating these qualities throughout the course, Recipients of the Student Excellence Program will also:

Complete the program with a 3.5 GPA or higher
Participates in a Research & Development program
Volunteers for off-site training opportunities
Participates in various predetermined Advanced Learning Objectives (former H.A.L.O. Program) and completes them with and overall 2.7 GPA

Presidential Leadership Award

Presidential Leadership Award

The Presidential Leadership Award is presented to the graduate who has not only excelled academically but has also assumed a leadership role with their classmates by helping them be successful as well.  This graduate has also worked to improve campus life for their fellow classmates.

Citizenship Award

citizenship award

The Citizenship Award is presented to the graduate who has volunteered and contributed his or her knowledge in service to the community and who has significantly advanced awareness of the benefits of working with dogs and their impact on humans.

Outstanding Achievement Award

outstanding achievement award

The Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to the graduate who has participated in all of the Student Excellence Program and has attained the highest average grade after completing all of the Advanced Learning Objectives.

Honors Graduates

Honors Graduates Award

The School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC offers the most intensive training programs available today.  During graduation we recognize our Honor Graduates with a special award.  These graduates have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their academic assignments and practical examinations throughout their program.  Honor graduates are those students who complete their program of study with a 3.8 GPA or higher.

Shelter Ambassadors

Shelter Ambassador Award

For years, we have been committed to creating better lives for animals in shelters and rescues.  During our programs, students have the opportunity to volunteer to work closely with our instructors to ensure that these dogs are best positioned to be adopted and live in homes.  From working directly with local shelters and rescues to providing training for dogs recently adopted from shelters, students who demonstrate significant commitment to this program are recognized with the Shelter Ambassador award.

Veteran Graduates

Our School for Dog Trainers regularly hosts students who are  US military veterans.  We are proud to be able to consistently work with this special group of people who have worked to serve the United States.  During our programs and at each graduation, we take an opportunity to recognize the work and sacrifices that these individuals have made in the service of their country.  In addition, we have a special medal that veteran graduates receive and wear during graduation.

Awards for Academic Distinction

Awards for Academic Distinction are earned by individuals attending our 24-week Master Dog Trainer Program.  This program covers training in the areas of Obedience & Behavior Modification, Detection, Protection, Search and Rescue and Police K9 Training.  Students in this course are exposed to each of these training disciplines and are graded on their abilities to apply what they have learned.  The student with the highest score in each category receives an award for their achievement in that field of training.

Academic Distinction - Obedience

Our Obedience award is presented to the graduate with the highest score in our obedience and behavior modification category. This category includes practicals such as on and off-leash obedience, agility, dog sports and more.

Academic Distinction - Service Dog

Service Dog Award

Service Dog training is a major part of our program and the graduate with the highest overall grade in this category is presented with the Service Dog award. This category includes work with a variety of service dog tasks.

Academic Distinction - Detection

Detection Award

Detection dog training is a passion for many of our instructors and is a main focus during the program.  As such, many of our students develop this same passion,  This award is presented to the graduate with the highest score.

Academic Distinction - Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Award

Search and Rescue training requires considerable skill and patience. From scent discrimination trailing to teaching off-leash directionals, this award is presented to the student who achieved the highest score.

Academic Distinction - Police K9

Training Police K9s is an important part of the program and requires determination and commitment.  This category includes apprehensions, learning to be a K9 decoy, teaching building searches, and more.

Puppy Raisers

Puppy Raiser recognition

Those students who volunteer to take on the extra responsibility of raising puppies for our service dog and working dog programs are recognized for their dedication and hard work during our graduation.

If you have questions about any of our awards programs, please contact us by email or speak directly with an instructor at our school.