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International Dog Trainer School Scholarship Program

international dog trainer school scholarship

About Our Dog Trainer School Scholarship

As part of our commitment to bring the most effective and up-to-date canine education to the global community, we offer an International Dog Trainer School Scholarship Program.  This annual program will provide a full scholarship to one individual to attend our 24-week Master Dog Trainer Program at our Main Campus in Harmony, NC.  

This program is for individuals who are passionate about learning to train dogs and who wish to take their newly found knowledge and help better the lives of dogs and people in their local communities. The eligibility criteria for the International Scholarship is as follows:

– You must be a citizen of a country other than the United States.
– You must be at least 18 years old. 
– U.S. citizens living abroad are not eligible. 

Completed submissions for the program must be received by December 15 of each year and the selected individual will be required to attend our Summer semester that begins each July. 

Our Scholarship will be awarded on January 1 each year and the winner will be notified by email.


What You Will Learn

Master Dog Trainer Program

Our 24-week Master Dog Trainer Program is our most intensive and comprehensive course.  As such, it is also our most popular program.  This course guides you through the process of training and working with a variety of dogs in addition to providing the knowledge you need to start your own business and be successful.

The Master Dog Trainer course includes information from all of the other dog trainer school programs that we offer, including:

– Obedience and Behavior Modification Professionals Course
– Police K9 Trainer Course 
– Service Dog Trainer Course 
Search and Rescue Dog Trainer Course

You will learn all aspects of basic and advanced obedience, agility, canine specialties, detection, protection, trailing and a variety of service dog training related tasks.

dog trainer school scholarship

In addition to learning how to train dogs, this program also offers considerable insight into methods for training and effectively teaching pet owners and working dog handlers.  For example, students in our program often have the opportunity to attend private dog training lessonsgroup classes and participate in police K9 handler instruction

Our staff of expert instructors have the knowledge and experience to give you the tools and information you need to be a successful dog trainer.

Our Master Dog Trainer Program is valued at $17,775 USD.

How to Apply


Submit a 500-2000 word essay explaining why you want to become a dog trainer, your career goals and how you would use the knowledge that you gained after graduating from our school.


Submit three (3) letters of recommendation.




Create a 60-second video explaining why you want to attend and why you should be chosen for the scholarship.


Share the video on our Facebook Page  with the hashtag #LEARNTOTRAINDOGS and encourage you friends and family to LIKE and SHARE it!

Scholarship Submission

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Our scholarship program includes tuition and housing while attending our program.  This program does not include travel, meals, equipment, etc. Additional fees association with attending the program, such as obtaining a VISA, are the responsibility of the student.

Questions? Need More Information?

Previous Recipients of our International Dog Trainer Scholarship

Learn more about the previous recipients of our International Scholarship award. 

Basilio Delfinin - Mexico

basilio and tosca

Basilio was the recipient of our International Scholarship award in 2019. Learn about the knowledge Basilio gained during his time at the School for Dog Trainers, and how he planned to use this when he returned home to Mexico.

Christine Ho - Singapore

From Singapore, Christine was awarded the International Scholarship in 2021. In this interview, Christine explains her motivation for applying, and how her studies will help her on her return to Singapore.

Mallie Welch - United Kingdom (2022)

Mallie was the recipient of our International Scholarship award in 2022, and started her Master Dog Trainer program studies in January 2023. Learn more about Mallie’s journey to the School for Dog Trainers. 

Alexa Salley - Costa Rica

alexa salley school for dog trainers

From Costa Rica, Alexa was awarded the International Scholarship and attended our Master Dog Trainer program in July 2023. Alexa plans to use her newfound knowledge to start a training business back home.