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Take a look at why our dog trainer school is the best option for your canine education.

With a variety of dog training programs to meet your individual needs, our selection of programs allows you to choose a curriculum that will best meet your career goals.  Our dog training offerings vary in length to allow you to gain as much information and experience that you need.  From core information to advanced dog training skills, our programs teach you everything you need to be successful in the dog training industry.  At our school for dog trainers you will have the opportunity to learn as much as you want through lectures, discussion and more importantly hands-on training.  You will also be able to learn through immersion as you work with our group of professional instructors as they train dogs and clients, teach seminars and work at other canine education events. Space in our Professional Dog Trainer School fills quickly and programs are often booked up to six (6) months in advance! Call us toll-free at 800.726.7412 or email us to jump-start your dog-training career today!

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The quality of your dog training education will rely heavily on the experience of the dog training instructors that teach you. Our experienced staff of instructors not only teach students the skills they need to become successful in the dog training industry, they continue to train service dogs, police dogs, detection dogs, protection dogs, search and rescue dogs, competition dogs and share their knowledge and experiences with those attending our School for Dog Trainers.  Throughout your program, you will have the opportunity to see and assist our canine trainers and behavior specialists conducting group classes, teaching private and in-home lessons and working with dogs in our in-kennel dog training programs. Attendees of our working dog programs will be involved in training dogs and handlers during their Police K9 programs as well.  This system affords students a remarkable hands-on learning experience.  Our dog trainer school instructors approach teaching in a way that you will be able to understand and apply.

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Our School for Dog Trainers features three campus locations – our Main Campus based in Harmony, NC, our Southeast Campus located in Hanceville, AL, and our Hill Country Campus in Utopia, TX. At each location, our campus facilities are set in landscaped grounds with an abundance of room for obedience, tracking, protection, and other dog events. We also have ample access to other training areas nearby. Our training facilities provide some of the most comprehensive kenneling, dog training and breeding facilities to be found anywhere in the United States and create a great environment which is conducive for learning – for both dogs and people. 

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Our School for Dog Trainers has a reputation for producing graduates that go on to pursue successful careers in the dog training industry.  Many of our students have gone on to start their own successful dog training or dog related businesses.  Others have advanced their career working for a dog training or dog related business. Our contractors, working throughout the US, are all graduates of our programs who have gone on to work for the company offering a variety of dog training services in their home areas.  All of our current trainers have been through one or more of our programs and would be happy to give you advice on which program will best suit you. At our School for Dog Trainers we offer continuing education programs for graduates where they are allowed to return to our school annually to learn updated skills and techniques.  We also offer continued training and business support for our graduates, long after certification

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