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Dog Trainer School Programs

The School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC offers a variety of comprehensive dog trainer school programs to give you the tools and knowledge you need in the field that you love most.  Our dog trainer school programs range in duration with courses as short as six weeks for trainers who have experience and as long as twenty-four weeks for those who are new to the industry and seeking a solid start.  All of our programs offer a mixture of classroom and practical, hands-on training to help you apply the techniques that you learn during lectures.  Our programs offer complete dog training industry immersion and offer you experiences that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Master Dog Trainer Program

Our most comprehensive dog training program is our Master Dog Trainer Program and is popular among students who are  looking to jump-start their dog training career. This program is designed to offer you all of the tools and experience…

Service Dog Trainer Program

If you are eager to be a service dog trainer and work with their handlers, our Service Dog Trainer Course is the best program for you. This intensive program will help you cultivate the appropriate skill set necessary to understand…

Police K9 Instructor / Trainer Program

Our most inclusive working dog program, the Police K9 Trainer / Instructor Program combines all aspects of both our Protection and Detection Trainer programs, and emphasizes tasks Police K9s and their partners are called to do…

Obedience and Behavior Professional Program

One of our most popular programs at the School for Dog Trainers is our Canine Training and Behavior Modification Professional Program and is the program where many of our graduates begin with their dog trainer education. Many people begin this program due to a love for dogs and a desire to spend…

Detection Dog Trainer Program

Detection work with dogs is gaining popularity throughout the world. From Police K9 to Military Working Dogs to commercial detection dogs, people recognize the value a trained detection canine can bring to their organization. Our Detection Dog Trainer Program is designed to teach the…

Protection Dog Trainer Program

Protecting one’s home and family is important, and many turn to canine protection to meet their needs. Others are interested in training or handling protection dogs for competition. Our Protection Dog Trainers School teaches the skills necessary to confidently train a dog from “selection…

Search & Rescue Dog Trainer Program

Our Search and Rescue Dog Trainer Program prepares you to train and handle dogs in the challenging and exciting world of Search and Rescue. We teach the fundamental skills needed to be successful in training and handling dogs for all categories of Search and…


Specialist Program

K9 Specialist Program

The K9 Specialist program incorporates handler training with the purchase of a dual-purpose detection and patrol dog. This program is designed for current law enforcement personnel as well as civilians interested in handling a dog trained in detection as well…


Specialist Program

Detection Specialist Program

The Detection Specialist program is designed for those individuals who are ready to begin a career in commercial detection or looking to enhance their skills while incorporating a trained single purpose detection dog into their work. As a single purpose…

Our Campus Locations

At the School for Dog Trainers, our programs are delivered across our two campus locations. Our Main Campus is located in Harmony, North Carolina; our Southeast Campus is located in Hanceville, Alabama.

For more details on which programs are currently offered at which locations, refer to the table below.

campus locations and programs