Police K9 Trainers Can Benefit from a Professional School

Police K9 Trainers Can Benefit from a Professional School

How Police K9 Trainers Can Benefit from a Professional Dog Trainer School

Along with your department’s SWAT team and vice/narcotics unit, the Police K9 Unit is one of the highest liability areas within any agency. Due to the risk involved, a department would never allow a rookie officer to be the leader of their departmental SWAT team. Therefore, it simply doesn’t make sense to have a person leading your K9 Unit that does not have the knowledge and experience that is required to ensure that your dog teams are both safe and effective.  In an attempt to save time and money, many departments are purchasing dogs and allowing inexperienced handlers to train them on their own as well as having officers in leadership and supervisory roles that have no formal canine education.  Many departments could benefit from having their departmental police K9 trainers and supervisors attend a formal training program to learn how to better perform the duties that they are tasked with.

police K9 Trainer courseWho knows your police department better that you do?  No one! As an in-house Police K9 Instructor with a professional canine education, you will be able to tailor your training programs for the police K9 handlers within your department to more effectively meet the needs of your department and community.  With any police k9 unit, problems will arise in the operation or management of the unit and you will be able to effectively resolve these issues quickly.   Having the capabilities to quickly and effectively problem solve detection, apprehension, trailing and obedience issues can be an invaluable asset to any police K9 unit.  This can increase productivity among the unit and for the department as a whole.

By attending a Police K9 Trainers program, you will learn how to efficiently mitigate risks within the unit and increase productivity and prosecution of canine related cases.  Our Police K9 Instructor / Trainer program teaches students canine related case law so that they are well versed on the legal matters concerning K9 unit operations.  By having a solid understanding of canine case law, you will be better able to make decisions in regards to apprehensions and searches and can more effectively support other handlers within your unit.  You will also be able to offer guidance to prosecuting attorneys to ensure that the cases that are initiated by your unit don’t inadvertently, fall through the cracks, due to an oversight or misinformation.

A professional Police K9 Trainers Program will also afford you the opportunity to develop or improve your skills to become a more effective K9 Unit Supervisor.  You will learn to train dogs and handlers using methods that are both simple and effective.  Just as importantly, you will also learn about FLSA issues as well as other supervisory matters such as failure to train, negligent retention, and negligent supervision.

The School for Dog Trainers offered by Highland Canine Training, LLC regularly hosts individuals wishing to advance their career with police dogs.  Our intensive and comprehensive programs prepare you to be successful in this field.  To learn more about our Police K9 Instructor / Trainer School or other programs offered at our School for Dog Trainers, feel free to call us at 866.200.2207 or email us at learntotraindogs@highlandcanine.com

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