School for Dog Trainers Offers Elite K9 Medic Course

School for Dog Trainers Offers Elite K9 Medic Course

Regardless of the type of training you are interested in, whether it be Police Dogs, Service Dogs, or Pet Dogs, all good trainers and handlers must agree that the safety of the dogs they are working with is most important. But where do you go to learn K9 life-saving skills, pet CPR, and how to deal with other emergencies that may come up during your career as a dog trainer?

about Jo-anne brenner, founder of k9 medic

Leader in Pet First Aid Care

Since 2016, K9 Medic Executive Director and Founder Jo-Anne Brenner has been offering her intensive three day Pet First Aid Training Course at our School for Dog Trainers, exclusive to the students attending our Master Trainer Course and specialized courses. Ms. Brenner has been teaching combat tactical casualty care for humans and canines since 2004, however her medical background and knowledge spans much further than this. Armed with impressive textbook knowledge, real world dog handling experience, survival training, and a passion to develop new life-saving medical procedures, her instruction is undoubtedly an invaluable asset to anyone wishing to emerge in the dog training industry.

Ms. Brenner has developed and taught K9 emergency and trauma care programs for law enforcement, military K9 handlers, paramedics, and Search and Rescue Teams worldwide. With impressive experience teaching over 10,000 students throughout her career, her and her team are capable of customizing pet first aid education programs for specific groups, environments, and protocols.

In addition to her practical skills, she is also a recognized speaker, author, and veterinary consultant.


Specialized k9 medic class at our school for dog trainers

Ms. Brenner brings a unique blend of her tactical and civilian courses to the students of Highland Canine Training School for Dog Trainers, allowing for a learning opportunity unlike any other. She incorporates hands-on experience with her lectures to produce qualified graduates of her class, capable of everything from assessing baseline vitals to trauma care. Because Ms. Brenner’s team is active in researching and producing up-to-date methods of canine care, her lessons always involve current techniques and information as well. Her approach to each subject is practical, tested, and proven to be lifesaving and realistic for fieldwork emergencies. Her course covers a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency situations, geared toward creating awareness of hazards toward dogs and understanding how to spring into action during crisis.

Course subjects include, but are not limited to, instruction on handling techniques, assessing vitals and behavior, CPR and rescue breathing, overheating and hypothermia, bandaging and wound management, etc. Students who enroll in this opportunity through Highland Canine Training School for Dog Trainers receive invaluable hands-on experience, the opportunity to practice many of these  techniques on live dogs, and practice during realistic scenarios.

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