Importance of a Dog Training School

Importance of a Dog Training School


If you are considering a professional career in dog training, a thorough search of the Internet will provide a number of options for you to consider.  Among these will be on-line schools, brick and mortar schools or a combination of both.  In addition to the type of dog training school you may want consider, there are other important decisions you will need to make.  In what type of dog training do you want specialize?  Do you want to generalize in pet training which includes obedience or behavior modification? You may be interested in working with search and rescue dogs, police dogs, detection dogs or the fast growing specialty of service dogs.  Conservation dog training is also a growing industry.  As you think about these options, the importance of getting the best value for your tuition investment is critical.

The bottom line is that in the dog training industry, nothing surpasses the hands-on experience that you will get by attending a school where your instructors have a solid, practical knowledge of not only how to train dogs for different skills, but also who can teach you the “ropes” of running a business.  The fact is, unless you plan to work for someone else training dogs, you will most likely be a sole proprietor of your own enterprise.  Dog training can be a very rewarding career, but it does take hard work and commitment.  Attending a dog training school and getting that certificate of completion is an important first step toward beginning your career as a dog trainer or handler.

It is important for you to know that no training school is actually certified by government agencies at any level.  Across the United States, there are dozens of dog training programs conducted by people who have had a variety of backgrounds and experience in the dog training industry.  They may have had military or police backgrounds among other previous dog related careers.   One thing you will want to consider as you select a dog training school is how the school’s curriculum fits into your own dog training career goals.  For example, if you are thinking about service dog training, does that school have a track record of actually training service dogs for people with disabilities?  Another very important factor is to select a school that offers insight into the whole spectrum of dog training philosophies. There is a wide variety of opinions in the dog training world regarding the best methods.  Having an in-depth understanding of your options can better prepare you for the decisions you will make about your own dog training business approach in whatever field you pursue.

dog training schoolActually visiting the dog training school’s physical location is an excellent approach to selecting the right school. You will meet the instructors, discuss their approach to teaching and most importantly, get a feel for the degree of practical application you will receive.  Remember that you will probably live on-site for a number of weeks, so be sure to consider the type of accommodations that are available, if any.

If you are seriously thinking about attending a dog training school, Highland Canine Training offers a number of different programs that will fit your interest.  Our dog training courses include Canine Obedience and Behavior Modification, Search and Rescue, Service Dog Training, Police K-9 Training, and Detection Dog Training among others.  We have had students attend our dog training school from all over the world.  You may have a classmate from India, Ireland, Chile, Nigeria or Greece.  One thing is certain, when you attend our dog training school at Highland Canine Training, you will receive the best instruction, most intensive practical application and enjoy the most beautiful countryside the North Carolina Piedmont.

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